Crimson Aquatics - New England

Meet & Championship Info

Travel meets:

Travel meets are available to swimmers ages 13 and over. These swimmers travel by bus or plane with other swimmers and a coach. These are normally attended by Senior swimmers or those involved in championship meets. Swimmers traveling to Zone Championships will be supervised by a New England coach and parent volunteers.


Some meets are held in the Trials/Finals format. This format involves 2 sessions of swimming in the same day; a morning and a night session. The first session is for any swimmer who qualifies and signed up for that day’s events. The second session is limited to the fastest swimmers from the morning session, typically the top 16 or 24 in each event. Swimmers are usually limited to one distance event on Friday evening and then 3 events each on Saturday and Sunday.

Championship meets:

These are held at the end of both long course and short course seasons. Time standards always apply and minimum times must be met in order for swimmers to qualify. Check the Crimson Aquatics website for time standards. Each year (September- August) is divided into three seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring/ Summer. The coaches focus on having the swimmers finish each season with a positive meet experience that they can build on for the next season. This is important for several reasons: