Crimson Aquatics - New England

Welcome to Crimson / Swimmer Development Pathways

Dear Crimson Family,

Welcome to Crimson Aquatics, a USA Swimming Level 4 Club. We are divided into 3 different branches: Crimson North (Andover), Crimson Central (North Shore & Boston), and Crimson South (Whitinsville & Franklin). As a whole Crimson Aquatics promotes the virtues of hard work, community, and grit. It is with these virtues that we hope to instill excellence in our swimmers.

The overall philosophy of developing swimmers is consistent throughout the Crimson Aquatics branches. Group progression is based on a combination of skill level, age and coach's discretion. Each branch of Crimson has their own specific progression that is detailed in the Branch Handbook. While the progressions may be different, all three branches follow the same general developmental pathways:

  1. Discovery groups (Pre Team) are a beginners starting place. This level will involve mental and physical discovery of the water and new motor skills in a safe and fun environment.
  2. Imagination groups (Age Group 1,2,3) teach the swimmers to dream about future success in and out of the pool. Swimmers will learn how to use imagery as a learning skill which is a fundamental piece of mental preparation for performance.
  3. Resilient groups (Junior 1,2,3) teach swimmers how to maintain and build confidence by moving on after disappointment and success. Resilience is a fundamental component of mental preparation for performance. These groups require both commitment and time standards.
  4. Achievement groups (Pre Crimson, Senior 1,2) are where the advanced swimmers continue their progression toward the highest levels of the sport. Here swimmers learn to set higher goals and become a leader.
  5. High Performance groups (Crimson) prepare swimmers for national and international level competition. Mental preparation is critical for delivering your best effort on any given day. These swimmers will be taught, at an elite level, how to use imagery and resilience when it matters the most.

Our goal as a program is to prepare the swimmers for future success at the highest level possible. Some Crimson swimmers make the US National Team while in high school and others have made that level in college and after. We will not focus on New England Age Group Championships at the risk of compromising the long term development of any individual.

The following Handbook contain information that contains information pertinent to any Crimson family. Branch specific information is located in each Branch Handbook. If you have any questions comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact the head coach of your branch (contact info below). We applaud your commitment to the improvement of your swimmer and look forward to being a part of their future success.

The Crimson Staff